Monday, December 9 & Tuesday, December 10 :
Brit Stokes Band

The Brit Stokes Band is a Nashville based band that truly enjoys making music together, and not just regurgitating the notes of the previous artist. The Brit Stokes Band is lead by the soulful, yet powerful Vocal stylings of Brit Stokes, road veteran Jerry Lee Combs on Bass, World famous twangster Chris Logan on lead guitar, and flashy slackmaster  Marshall Moody also on lead guitar. If you like boring bands that don't look or sound like they are having fun, or are playing songs that seem to have no life or direction, then please do not come to see The Brit Stokes Band....but if you do want to see a band that not only connects with each other musically, as well as with the crowd then The Brit Stokes Band is your band. You never know what will happen, every night is more exciting than the previous.
In addition to a full set list of covers from old country to new rock, we also have a full show of originals.  Like our Nashville fan's favorites “When the Buzz Fits,” and “I Like You.”


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